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DOB:  3/22/11

The start of our crazy week of kidding!


Dally with her kids Pan (back) and Tinkerbelle (front).

Tink was our only surviving doe out of 9 kids born that week of March 2011.   Their sire is Jude...can't you tell from Tink! 

A little advice...don't breed your does all at the same time:)

DOB:  3/23/11

PJ, TJ & P-Nut

Dam:  Lost Valley Aja
Sire:   Hames & Axel Penn

sold together as wethers.

Thank you Tracy, Eric & Chase!

The QUADS (all breech)
DOB:  3/25/11

Oreo and Brownie at 2 weeks.

Two of the Quads out of
Janey (Flat Rock Voodoo Majyk) & Jude

Bottle babies and retained on the farm with their other brother, Frosty.  Their sister, Pepper, didn't make it:(

and their other brother, Frosty...the baby of the group!

Back - PJ, Pan and Tinkerbelle.  Pan and Tink were from Dally and Jude, and both retained.

Winnie with newborns, Nutmeg, Ginger and Fenn.  Sire is Chenango Hills Bilbao Baggins.

Born June 29, 2011.