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First up for 2013 were twins from Ginger and Jude -  Ross and Phoebe on 3/26/13

Next up on 3/29/13 - triplet does Lily, Daisy and Beauty from Moonflower and Jude

4/2/13 brought triplets from Tinkerbelle and Penn - Kenzie, Izabo and Chandler

On 4/9/13 we woke to Venus giving birth and by the time we got to the barn, twin bucks Vinnie and Buddy were on the ground (sired by Jude)

4/18-4/19 brought us triplets from Squeaks and Bilbao.  Squeaks kidded in the same fashion as the prior year, one kid on one day and two on the next.  Skipper, Scout and Sandy.

We had a break in the action and on 6/1/13, Winnie and Jude gave us triples, June Bug, Jazzy and Jake.

After the tragic death of Dally and her three bucklings on 6/6/13, Aja and Penn gave us two beautiful doelings on 6/9, Ariel and Annie.