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                        2013 First Fresheners

                             Shailey Hill Jude's Tinkerbelle

                               DOB:  3/22/11 (twin - buck/doe)

Sire:    Rosasharn BB Jude
            SS:  Rosasharn WT B-Bo *S 
Rosasharn TL Justice          

Dam:  Goldenbrook Farm MR Daliha

Tink has grown into a beautiful yearling.  she is the spitting image of her sire!

Kidding history:  2013 (day 145) - Triplets - 2 does/1 buck sired by Penn


                              Humble Acres R Venus                                

                        DOB:  3/19/11 (quad - 3 does; 1 buck)

Sire:    Dragonfly HFX Ranger 
            SS:  ARMCH Dawnland Tabby's Halifax +S E
            SD:  Dragonfly IH Electra *D

Dam:  Humble Acres T Valhalla 
           DS:  Dragonfly WC Thistle *S
           DD:  Old Mountain Farm Callisto

Kidding history:  2013 (day 145) - Twins - 2 bucks -  sired by Jude


                                 Shailey Hill BB Ginger

                             DOB:  6/29/11 (triplet - buck/2 does)

Sire:    Chenango Hills Bilbao Baggins
Dam:  Humble Acres R Ceridwen (Winnie)

Photo Soon

Kidding history:  2013 (day 145) - Twins - buck/doe -  sired by Jude