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        Humble Acres Cocoa (aka Cocoa Puff)

This is Cocoa, our pet Wether.  He is half brother to Winnie (they share the same father) and the most vocal of the three.  He loves to stand on the stump in his pen and let us know, in no uncertain terms, when it is time for some attention.  He likes to chew hair and zippers and anything that hangs off your clothing.  He will jump on top of the grain bins and the hay bales...he's like a bull in a China shop.  We also refer to him as Curious George or Dennis the Menace.  Despite all that, he is a little love bug!

               Hames & Axel Teller

This is our other pet wether, Teller.  (Better photo soon!) He is litter mate brother to our buck, Hames & Axel Penn.  Teller is a beautiful goat, but is still a little wild.  He will only let me pat him when he's cornered.  He's coming around...slowly, but we still love him!